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Welcome to Maria Isabel Alvarado's Electronic Portfolio




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Mission Statement

The challenges of today for students and teachers is the integration of learning with current trends in technology.  In order to keep our students technologically compatible to the world around us, we have to be in this competitive race of knowledge and information.  The responsibilities of our "new generation" students demand that we move them forward to compete in this demanding workforce of today where communication and collaboration is global.


Web 2.0 Defined...

Web 2.0 tools are web applications for internet users to collaborate and communicate with a specific or general community.  There are many applications and most allow public viewing.  Some of these applications allow for users to keep their information private or ask users to log in to view and participate.  These tools can be a great asset for long distance relationships, such as military parents on leave.  Web 2.0 applications can be great tools in the classroom for teachers and students.  Some of these apps allow for creativity that paper and pencil cannot provide.  Web 2.0 has an application for any type of user.




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